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Ever though about asking for your dream home? What about feeding an orphanage in Somalia? Always wanted to go Skydiving? You'd be surprised to find out about these awesome alternatives to a gift registry!

One of our planners, Danielle Loeffler, of Catalyst Weddings and Events, responded to our question of the week which was:

What are some alternatives to the traditional gift registry?

She suggested three wonderful websites to consider:

  1. Want a way to be able to have that dream honeymoon without emptying the bank? Ask for a cup of gelato, a beach massage, or even your plane tickets (hey, you never know!)! All of it is done online and easy to keep track of.
  2. If you're thinking big picture "wishes not stuff," then Upon Our Star is the registry for you! Here's an example: one couple dreamed of an education for their future family. So what did they do? Build an education fund!
  3. The I do Foundation really empowers couples to bring awareness to causes they truly care about and allows them to invite guests to get involved and pitch in. It's a wonderful way to make a difference in the world and what a great start to a marriage!