Expert Planner Panel- "Who Is Invited to the Engagement Party?"

This weeks Expert Planner question is one that many soon-to-be brides ask their planners. So we wanted to share our thoughts on the subject. "Who Is Invited to the Engagement Party?"

Ultimately, you don't want to invite anyone who isn't invited to the actual wedding to a party where gift-giving is usually expected (i.e.,showers). However, you have a little more leeway when it comes to events like engagement parties-- if you're having a very small wedding but still want to celebrate your engagement with friends and family, I think it's absolutely appropriate to invite them to this. Oftentimes the engagement party is thrown before the wedding itself has been planned, so you may not know exactly when and where the wedding will be (and subsequently, how many people you'll be able to invite and who will compose your guest list.) It's safest to invite the dear and near that you KNOW will be at your wedding, no matter what (immediate families, bridal party, etc- it's a great opportunity to introduce people from both sides, since your parents or friends may not have met before), but if you want to have it be a broader celebration, that's fine too! Kelly Dellinger w/ Kelly Dellinger Events