Vendor Spotlight - J. Jackson Mobile Mixologist

When I hear the suffix "-ologist" my mind immediately jumps to something brainy and science related -- which is in a sense what J. Jackson (J is for Josh), Mobile MIXologist does with drinks! This week we got to know him a little better and learned about his unique and creative gift of creating personalized cocktails that are all you. Your guests will definitely appreciate what Josh has to offer!

What made you go into the business of private bartending?

A couple years ago, I had an idea for a bar/café concept that got me diving into researching cocktail recipes, history and various preparation methods like infusions and whatnot. As I dove into this quest of self-education, my mind got blown by the sheer vastness of information there is regarding mixology. As my knowledge grew, so did my passion. As I started to survey the local landscape, looking to see what Nashville had to offer regarding cleverly designed cocktails, I found the sector most lacking when it came to innovation was the events industry. Luckily, I have a lot of experience when it comes to events and weddings, so putting the two concepts together just seemed to click!

What are all the different ways brides can use your products?

My company emphasizes personalization and dollar value. We make the bar stocking process as simple and cost-effective as possible for our clients. With one free consultation, We can help our clients sift out what they don’t need and maximize what they definitely need, and we love to apply that same thoughtful service to their guests as well. Secondly, we offer the option of designing a unique, hand-crafted cocktail to take our client’s event to the next level. Are they wanting to honor a certain family heritage at the reception? Does his next private party have a theme? We love to craft a special libation made especially for your event!

What flavors or options do you offer?

We customize the bar according to your specifications. The sky’s the limit! Just contact us to schedule a free consultation and we can walk you through the options.

Check out J. Jackson in action below!


Some personal questions:

Mac or PC  All about the Vaio!

Tea or Coffee  Definitely a coffee geek.

iPhone or Blackberry  Archaic Samsung flip phone. Makes a fun clapping noise when I close it!

Favorite Song Right Now  On Directing by Tegan and Sara