Expert Planner Panel

This week's question is perfect for brides looking for wedding planners for their wedding. No matter the size or situation of your wedding, you need a wedding planner. Our goal with the Nashville Wedding Planners Group is for every Nashville bride to have a Nashville wedding planner for their wedding. So we asked our planners, "What are three good questions for a bride to ask when talking to/interviewing potential wedding planners for their wedding?"

1. Can you suggest good vendors that meet my style and budget? 2. For the day of the wedding, will you be willing to oversee the entire event from supervising vendors to troubleshooting emergencies so I can relax and enjoy? 3. Will you provide a maser play for the week of the wedding and keep me in touch with all the deadlines and payments? Margaret w/ Details by Margaret

1. How will you keep in contact with your brides? 2. Do you work by yourself or do you have a team that will be assisting you? 3. How will you make sure my vision is accomplished, while remaining in the budget?

Danielle w/ Catalyst Weddings & Events

1. Explain your services and the differences between them all. 2. Is wedding planning something you do professionally or just as a hobby? 3. How do you handle unplanned events during the wedding day and still keep everything on time?

Tiffani w/ Creative Designs & Events