Expert Planner Panel-"Common Misconceptions about Wedding Planners

Today's Expert Planner Panel is one that we love to write about, because we truly feel like Nashville brides need to know this information. Nashville wedding planners are not what many think we are and the record needs to be set straight! One of planners Sarah with Music City Events, wrote a great article for Ashley's Bride Guide that goes into the same area of what a wedding planner does and if you need one. Check it out here.  We asked our planners this important question, to get their thoughts on the subject:

What are some misconceptions brides have about wedding planners?

That our main (or sole) job is to provide them discounts or give them a $50k wedding for $15k.

We provide, and are necessary for, not only customer-company relationships but also for our expertise and experience in our industry. Our communication on behalf of the bride saves her time and frustration, as well as manages expectations. And that doesn't even touch on the physical aspects for the actual day itself!

Sarah w/Music City Events

That we take control of the wedding planning process for brides and that they are involved the least! As planners, we are here to plan in tandem with them, support them, and provide the best advice that we know. Also, that we require only certain vendors be used. We have a preferred list because they are vendors that we trust, know are going to provide a top-notch service and take care of our clients 110%! But, we are open to other vendors, as this is their wedding and we want for them to have the wedding they are wanting. I will highly discourage brides from choosing a vendor just on price...Do you want cheap or not showing up on the greatest day of your life?

Mary Alice w/A Delightful Day

I think that's a HUGE misconception about wedding planners- that you don't need one because the church or venue coordinator will do everything. And even if they will do A LOT (ex: a catholic wedding where we're not allowed to do anything at all by requirement of the church and the role of the priest ) what about moving from ceremony to reception? What about the photography/reception timeline? And that's just the "final details".

Emily w/ Simply Yours Weddings & Events

I think that many brides feel like wedding planners are a waist of money and will take over my day. That is so incorrect! A professional wedding planner is there to guide you and advice you  through the planning process. We have planned many weddings, we are experts in our field and now how to deal with vendors. I always tell my brides, "I am on your side, tell me what you want & I'll make it happen". This is one of the most important day of your life, do you want to leave it to someone that doesn't have experience to know exactly what to do in any circumstance. Wedding planners are there to assure you a stress-free worry free day for you and your family.

Tiffani w/Creative Designs & Events