Expert Planner Panel- "Is a Cash bar acceptable?"

Today Expert Planner Panel is a question that must be addressed when planning your wedding. The answers may not be what you want to hear, but as experienced wedding planners, we know what we are talking about.

"Is a Cash bar acceptable?"

I do not believe it is an acceptable course of action. It is similar to inviting guests to dinner in your home and then asking them to pay for the drinks you serve. It puts guests on the spot and is simply rude.

Sarah w/Music City Events 

I am not a fan of having a cash bar but I understand it is not always in the budget. I recommend if you cannot afford to have an open bar to at least offer beer or wine complimentary.

Tiffanie w/ Elliott Events

I never recommend a cash bar. Figure out what is in your budget and offer that. There is something very special about a small intimate wedding. When brides want to offer the world to 200 guests on a tight budget, I encourage really scaling the guest list back to close friends and family so you can afford what you really want. This often takes out the issue of cash bar altogether.

Michelle w/Burlap and Brooches Events