Nashville Wedding Planner Series: "What brides think"


As we continue this Nashville Wedding Planner Series, we have found out what wedding planners do here & now we learning what past brides have to say about their wedding planner. So we have selected a couple Nashville wedding planners to share what their clients have to say about their services. Adriel Nutter owner of Adriel Nutter Events shared her brides experience:

Ashlea & Nick Wedding-0245

"Adriel went above and beyond as my wedding coordinator! I hired her for day-of coordination and listed a few things I thought I could use her help with, but she far exceeded my expectations by helping me think of all the little things I was missing. I trusted her completely with handling the logistics and other vendors, and my family was completely blown away by her professionalism and organization. I cannot recommend her enough - just delightful!"


Emily Humphries owner of Simply Yours Weddings shared her couples experience:


Where do we even begin?! This weekend would not be possible without your knowledge, guidance, encouragement and prayers! We are forever grateful for the amount of hard work and dedication you have put into our special day. In the process of raising a sweet two year old and working at a marriage yourself, you have done what the Lord calls us all to do in our work... lovingly direct our everyday encounters to Him. When the bridesmaids dresses were 12 sizes too big and a make up artist needed to be let go, you reminded me how to respond like Jesus. Thank you for reminding us that this WHOLE marriage thing is about responding like Jesus. We love you and are so grateful for you! Can this friendship not end after tomorrow??"

Love, the Sherers

Tiffani Helms owner of Creative Designs & Events shared her past bride Marsee's experience:


Hiring a wedding planner was, by far, the best decision that I made throughout the entire planning process. When I began to plan our wedding, I was so sure that I could take care of everything myself. However, as more decisions needed to be made, I knew that I needed a professional to organize the timeline, stay in touch with vendors, and advise me on the decisions that I needed to make!

As soon as we met Tiffani, I knew that she would be able to help me make all of the final decisions, and she would be able to stay in touch with our vendors to keep them on schedule. She did all of that, and more! On the day of our wedding, I did not have to worry about ANYTHING. Tiffani communicated with all of our vendors to make sure everyone was on time, and had everything that they needed. She also set up our reception venue the way that I wanted it to be set up, since I could not be there. I asked her to send me pictures as the reception was being set up, and she did. I loved getting to see it in progress, and know that it was being set up just the way I wanted!

Tiffani was also my "go to" person all day. If I needed ANYTHING, she was there. If anyone had any questions, she was there. Even my dad, who was skeptical about hiring a wedding planner at first, said that the best money we spent was on our wedding planner. Not only did having a wedding planner put me at ease, but it also allowed my parents, my husband, and his parents to all be able to just relax and enjoy the day. I definitely recommend hiring a wedding planner to any future brides. There is nothing better that you can spend your money on during the planning process!

Marsee Hohwald