Planner Tip- Williamson County Weddings and Events

Today's fabulous planner tip is from CJ of Williamson County Weddings and Events. Creating an accurate guest list early on is the key ingredient to making the most of your time and budget throughout the planning process. Never make a major wedding purchase like a venue, dress or photographer until you have that guest list in hand. The number of guests you plan to host will be the single most important factor in determining an realistic budget.

You don’t necessarily need all of the guests’ addresses in the beginning stages, but before you start the exciting and fun process of dress shopping or looking at venues, sit down with your fiancé (and all parents if they are hosting) to think through everyone you would like to invite to the wedding. Make edits as necessary so you have a good understanding of how many people you need to invite as well as how many you think will be able attend.

Putting together a master guest list will not only help you stay organized as you start to gather addresses for the invitations, but it will also be a good indicator of what you can truly afford before you start to make any financial commitments.