Vendor Spotlight-Studio Wed

Today we are talking with two of our planners Leigh and Mary Alice the owners of Studio Wed. Studio Wed is a place for brides to go and gain resources for planning their wedding. Explain what Studio Wed is...

StudioWed is a hand picked vendor collective that is a resource for brides who are at any point in their planning process! This is a complimentary service for brides, meaning that we don't charge them to provide referrals to the vendors that are within the studio and we will even take the time to check availabilities for you and set up an appointment that can take place right in our adorable studio setting in Edgehill Village. We have a small selection of vendors, no more than 3-4 per category, so that you're not overwhelmed with choices.

What are all the different ways brides can use your services?

You can contact us right after your engagement and we'll sit down with you to discuss your budget and desires and what our vendors can offer to you. You can use our services at different points in your planning process as you decide to book vendors. We certainly suggest you hire a planner, or even month of coordinator, to help with more hands on or detailed questions/needs. But, we can provide assistance in regards to the meeting process/selections with our vendors.

Explain your process of working with a bride.

When a bride calls/emails/walks in or makes an appointment to meet with us, we will talk you through the vendor choices that we have available. At that point, you can tell us who you would like to meet with first and we will get your availability and check with those vendors who you are interested in about their availability for your date and then set up an appointment to meet them here in our studio or at their place of business if they have a location that they prefer to meet at. Most of our vendors do meet here in the Studio in Edgehill Village because they don't have a professional meeting space of their own. From there, we can assist you with different vendors along the way! We also have a Preferred Couple Card that our vendors are a part of. This is an incentive program to encourage brides to keep booking vendors that are within the studio. Once the couple books their first two vendor with StudioWed, they get a choose an incentive from one of the vendors they have booked. Each vendor has different incentive selections to choose from. The more vendors you book, the more incentives you can benefit from!

Some personal questions:

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Favorite Song Right Now LOVE Maroon 5's "One More Night" and I hate to say it, but Justin Bieber has got some great and catchy tunes right now! :)