Special Offer from Joe Hendricks Photography!

Today we are introducing "Test Drive," an exciting brand new offer from Joe Hendricks Photography, who was voted Nashville's Best Photographer in the 2012 Nashville Scene Readers' Poll. Check out more information on the deal below:

Wedding photography is one of the most important investments a bride will make for her wedding day. Your photographer is with you all day long and you need to make sure you pick someone who not only is easy to get along with, but is also great at what they do! So how does a bride go about finding the right photographer? Joe Hendricks Photography has a creative solution he calls "Test Drive." Test Driving your photographer allows you to see first hand that they are legit and not just really good at marketing ;). Here are some questions we asked Joe:

What is the Test Drive?

An engagement session with absolutely no obligation to hire me for your wedding.

How does the Test Drive work?

We pick a beautiful place and go shoot your engagement session! You'll get to see how we mesh, how I work, and if I'd be a good fit for your wedding. If you LOVE your session and pictures, you book me for your wedding! If you don't, you can book someone else without paying me a dime. It's that easy.

Why should you Test Drive your photographer?

Because your wedding is way too important to hire someone who's slick at marketing and selling themselves, but NOT great at photography! With a Test Drive, you can truly see me in action and how I work as a photographer... not to mention get some amazing pictures to show off ;)

Lots of brides say they wish they would've invested more for an amazing photographer. Most brides have no idea what the difference is between a great photographer and an average one. My advice to you is splurge on the wedding photographer you really want! If you're not sure about the photographer you want to hire, take them for a Test Drive. Be wary of any photographer that won't allow you to Test Drive them.

So what happens if a bride does the engagement session and decides she doesn't like the pictures? Does she get the pictures for free?

Joe says "No, if she doesn't hire me, she doesn't get the pictures…. she didn't want them anyway, right? ;)"

No fine print, no strings attached. The deal is yours to take -- don't miss out!