Vendor Spotlight-Bang Candy Company

Happy Friday beautiful brides! Get ready for a mouth-watering experience with today's feature of The Bang Candy Company. We asked the dynamic owner, Sarah Souther, about her creative concoctions which are sure to please your guests and make your event a memorable one!

What made you go into the business of candy making?

Sugary delights! I happened upon a handmade marshmallow at Arnold Myint's Cha Chah about two and a half years ago. Astounded at the yumminess of the texture and dreaming of the flavor combinations that one could embue this beautiful white canvas of a confection with... I got to experimenting just for fun. Next thing a friend likened them to 'Swallowing God in Velvet Pants'! I knew I was onto something. After a few months of parking lot deals and event platters I decided to take the bull by the horns and start The Bang Candy Company.

What are all the items do you offer?

Marshmallows, Caramels, Fudge, Flavored Simple Syrups, Hot Chocolate.

What are all the different ways brides can use your products?

They can be packaged as wedding favors or used on the dessert bar. A Hot Chocolate Bar can be set up with a variety of naked flavored mallows to choose from. We also offer a Prosecco Bar where we create prosecco cocktails using our various different flavored simple syrups and herbal garnishes.

What flavors do you offer?

Mallows: Rose Cardamom, Chocolate Chile, Toasted Coconut, Chocolate Espresso, Orange Ginger Cinnamon

Syrups: Habanero Lime, Smoked Spiced Orange, Hibiscus Orange Flower Ginger, Ginger Rosemary and other seasonal flavors

Do you ship to different states?


Some personal questions:

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