Vendor Spotlight - A Catered Affair

Today we have a very appetizing vendor spotlight for you with A Catered Affair, one of our favorite catering companies. A Catered Affair has been gracious enough to cater a couple of our Nashville Wedding Planner's Group meetings and every time we know we are in for a treat! Here's what owner, Kellie Bryson had to say when we asked her a few questions about her business:

How did you get in to catering?

I started the company as The Bake Shoppe in 1996 – baking, specialty desserts. The dessert business led to birthday and weddings cakes. A friend had a contact with a brand new wedding chapel who needed “light” catering and A Catered Affair was born. We grew so much with both wedding cakes and catering that we needed a larger kitchen and moved to Nashville into a larger building in 2006.

What are some different options for catering that you offer?

We offer simple buffets to complex plated dinners. Simple picnics to interactive themed stations.

What are some new things you are working on for 2012?

Our culinary team just received a nomination for Best Hors D Oeuvre from the International CATIE award – so we will keep playing in the kitchen for new and fun menu items. There is a BIG training program underway for waitstaff – to make sure that all of our events have the best staff in middle Tennessee- we are hiring – send your friends! Another big thing we are working on in the company is an improved website – gotta be able to see it on the mobile devices – so making those changes to be more client friendly.

Are you seeing any popular catering trends in 2012?

Cocktail parties seem to be coming back.

What catering trends do you wish would die?

Matching food colors to bridesmaid dresses – really ? not much blue food in the world……

Tell me why brides should choose A Catered Affair.

We help to create the brides vision of her wedding meal – not try to sway her to a preset menu. We excel at including the details and the service aspect of the wedding reception – we don't just deliver and serve chicken – we work with the bride and her planner to make sure all details are covered – that special meals happen, special moments are planned.



Some personal questions about Kellie:

Mac or PC PC – but LOVING my iPads – we bought 2 for the company and I used my Amex points to get one for myself – falling in love with it…..

Tea or Coffee Iced Tea, Hot Tea and occasional Starbucks coffee if there is enough sugar and chocolate involved

iPhone or Blackberry crackberry addict for about 2 years – with my newfound love of Apple – thinking about iphone – I think I NEED it for the better camera. My last phone I kept so long – it was a Palm – had it for years – the “l” button had fallen off and I had to make up strange shorthand to type.

Favorite Song Right Now Because I live 10 feet from my office ( since we moved into Events@1418 in 2006) I no longer commute to work – so my attention to music has been very limited – I feel very out of touch. I heard something happen to the king of pop awhile back –good thing my DJ friends keep me up to date with wedding music! Adele should win a grammy this year – her cuts off the album have been awesome. Miss hearing Amy Winehouse. Having a 4 year old helps me know about Veggie Tales albums!