Weekly Wedding Round-Up

Happy Weekend, wedding buffs! Hope you were able to catch all of the great wedding spotlights and inspiration we had on the blog this week but here's a re-cap anyway! Our featured wedding on Monday was full of elegance and glamor with a dramatic color palette. To see more images of this beautiful affair from Fete Nashville, go here.

Tuesday's Vendor Spotlight was on one of our favorite downtown spots, The Noah Liff Opera Center. To get the scoop on this fabulous venue, click here for the full post.

Wednesday's Post featured a great tip from Kristin of Simply Stunning Events on how to relax on your wedding day:

“When the wedding day arrives, let go of the reins and enjoy the day no matter what happens. Don’t try to control or stress over the little details. You’ve made a plan for the day, now relax and have fun! You’ve only got one wedding day (hopefully) so make the absolute best of it and remember that as long as you love each other and are married at the end of the day, it was a success!”

And last, but certainly not least, yesterday we took a peek inside the yumminess that is A Catered Affair. Click here to read the full post.

That's a wrap for us this week! Tune in Monday as we kick off another splendid week of wedding fun!