Vendor Spotlight- Chris and Adrienne Scott Photographers

Chris and Adrienne Scott, Photographers are wedding photographers who know how important it is for a bride to feel comfortable with her photography team. Chris and Adrienne are a wonderful duo and very fun to work with, which is one of the reasons their work is so amazing! Here's a little more info on the fabulous Scott team:

How did you get into photography?

Chris started by photographing ski races and families on ski trips in order to spend a winter with his girlfriend at the time. The relationship didn't last, but the photography did! Adrienne got involved when Chris said "Want to help me with a wedding? All you have to do is hold stuff." She learned pretty quickly that taking pictures was a LOT more fun than holding stuff!

What do you love about photography? We both love being able to make images for people of themselves that they love, that is really who they are, and something that will be a keepsake for their family for many generations.

What would you say is your photography style? Genuine modern portraiture. Normal people looking amazing and being themselves.

Do you shoot digital or film? Digital.

Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day: Love our personalities and image style? Book us. In the end, it really comes down to that. You need to love your photographers' personalities, and you need to love your photographers' images. You spend the majority of your wedding day with your photographers. It's such an important, memorable day. You need to get along with your wedding photographers and want them around. And you need to love the work they produce. No matter how much you pay for your wedding photography and wedding album, $1000 or $10.000 or any other amount, if you don't love your photographers' images that won't change for your own wedding pictures.

 We asked Chris and Adrienne a couple random questions and here's what they told us.

Some personal questions and Chris and Adrienne:

Mac or PC - Mac all the way. We're Apple fanboys.

Tea or Coffee - Depends on the flavor. Chris drinks sweet tea. Adrienne drinks a cup of coffee before she runs in the mornings, and has a cup of tea almost every evening but only if it's fruity; her favorite is Tazo's Wild Sweet Orange.

iPhone or Blackberry - iPhone (see Mac or PC question) =)

Favorite Song Right Now - Pretty much anything by Jon Foreman.

These two are a great team to have around on the most important day of your life.  Again, to see more of their work check out their site here.