Planner Tip from Epiphany Events

This week our wonderful Planner Tip comes from our fabulous "Planner of the Week",  Parthenia with Epiphany Events:

Be true to yourself. Sounds simple, doesn’t it? It’s not always easy! As you go through the process of establishing your wedding vision, it is important to stay connected to the beat of your own heart. There are so many wonderful pictures out there to ogle and explore! Magazines, websites and blogs, oh my!! You can spend hours upon hours looking at glamorous wedding dresses, fabulous floral designs and stunning stationery (which I highly recommend and truly love) but don’t forget to look into your own heart! Which pictures make it leap? Which design makes it flutter? Even if your favorite flower is one that has been done over and over again, don’t let that bother you. Choose what YOU love! If the dress that you dream about is a little out of the ordinary, go for it and don’t let the voices of tradition weigh you down. Wedding planning, if done freely, is a process of discovery. You learn more about your fiancé and more about yourself. It’s a series of epiphanies from one decision to the next. Celebrate that! Enjoy that! Revel in that! Being true to yourself does not mean that mom can’t have an opinion or that you can’t seek out advice. Being true to yourself doesn’t mean that you silence all the other voices. It does mean, however, that you don’t silence your own!

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 Image source- Roland's Photography