Vendor Spotlight- Frenzel Studios

The Frenzel Studios is our Vendor Spotlight for the week! This husband-wife duo, Derek and Sarah, are some of the most passionate, creative and fun people you could collaborate with at your wedding! Their love of photography and their clients is one of the many great features that come when having the couple capture your wedding day. Frenzel Studios has a way of capturing the most perfect moments you will want to look at forever. Check out their portfolio to see the stunning images from clients they have worked with in the past! The Nashville couple will impress you with every shot!

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How did you get into photography?

As long as I (Sarah) can remember, my parents were handing me the camera for all of our family events, and I ended up shooting my first wedding at age 18. I took some photography classes in college and loved it and then began working for a few local studios. After Derek and I got married we had lots of friends getting engaged too, and wanting engagement photos, etc. so it all kind of just happened. Derek had taken a few classes in high school and college, and initially came along for moral support. We quickly realized that he had a talent as well, and that we made a pretty good team; so, 8 years ago Sarah Frenzel Photography was born. Eventually we changed our name, and transplanted our business from CA to TN. 130 weddings later, we operate our studio full time, and love every minute of it!

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What do you love about photography?

For us, photography is a powerful storytelling tool. There are times to focus on the small details in life, as well as the big themes, and photography allows us to take one small slice of time, and recreate/remember that emotion again and again. We LOVE marriage and love seeing couples transition from singleness to oneness. We love to see 2 families with all of their uniqueness come together and celebrate with their loved ones. We love watching people pour out their emotions in a deep, compelling, and completing way.

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What would you say is your photography style?

I feel like we have a pretty blended photography style; we try to find a healthy mix of the unobtrusiveness of editorial/photojournalist photography, the popularity of traditional posing, the softness of fine art photography, the perspective of architectural/abstract photography, and most importantly seeking out and capturing the moments/emotions that are unique to our clients. Each couple has a different dynamic and I think we are good at feeling out what style each couple lends towards, and emphasizing it throughout the day.

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Do you shoot digital or film?

We both learned to shoot on film and still dabble with it, however, to best serve our clients and keep a busy workflow streamlined, we shoot most of our weddings and sessions in digital format.

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Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

First and foremost, we are nice, easy going, and competent people who truly LOVE people and strive to show it in all we do! There are really 3 things that we are hired for: 1) We feel that we take great images and are able to show our clients as they truly are; we are proud of our portfolio and offer a consistent service from one wedding to the next. 2) Because of our years of experience we have a good read on people/situations, and are able to handle any curveballs that may come, while being a calming positive presence for our clients’ big day. 3) We operate our business with integrity- we’re honest, prepared, prompt, and communicative- and security- we’re insured, have backup equipment, protect your images, and have built our reputation on satisfied couples.

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Some personal questions:

Mac or PC?

Mac. ‘Nuff said… :)

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Tea or Coffee?

We both used to not be coffee people at all, but after having 4 kids, coffee is what gets us through most mornings. :)

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Favorite Social Media Outlet for Sharing Pictures?

Derek is more of a Facebook guy, but I love Instagram! I have a personal account where I get to just be a mom (@sarahfrenzel) that consists mostly of pictures of my kids. We also have a business account (@frenzelstudios) where you can catch the latest from our Weddings, Engagements, Culinary, and Commercial photography.

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Favorite Movie Right Now?

Oh man… this is tough… I mean, there are my standard favs (The Holiday, National Lampoons Christmas Vacation, Ocean’s 11, Bourne Identity, Just Married, etc.), but lately Derek and I can’t stop quoting The Other Guys. “It's not a good time right now Bob!!!"

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