Vendor Spotlight- Hello Trolley


Trolley FAF

What made you go into the business of Hello Trolley? My sister found an article in a magazine about a trolley company up in Seattle. We thought that would be great for here in Nashville as you don't see to many of them around. Wedding are such a blast to do, I mean lets face it, everyone is always in a good mood and ready to have fun!

What are all the different ways brides can use your products? We offer our service for any kind of group transportation. Some brides have used us to take them and the bridesmaids to have their hair and makeup done, move the wedding party from the church to the reception, shuttle guest, family and friend to rehearsal dinner. If she needs to move a group of people at one time, we can help her.

What options do you offer? We offer flat rate transfers, which is a pick up at one location and drop at another with no stops in between. We have rentals by the hour for shuttling guest, or driving the wedding party around town for pictures at various locations.


Some personal questions:

Mac or PC?

Has to be PC..

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee! Love me some Starbucks!

Favorite things to do in Nashville?

Love going to the Predator and Titans games and riding my Harley-Davidson!

Favorite Song Right Now?

Wow hard one cause I'm such a music lover and all kinds. Once the wedding party get on and they want to party my first song is usually "Turn Down for What". Now if I am about to get on my Harley and ride, got to be "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.