Vendor Spotlight - I Love You Too Wedding Photography

Happy Friday everyone! Today, we are thrilled  to share a wonderful Nashville photographer and her beautiful work with you! We first got to work with Rebbca Adler of I Love You Too Wedding Photography last year for our June Meeting and she took some fabulous images  for us. (See those photos here.) Rebecca has had a successful career in portrait, fashion and documentary photography and we are quite pleased that she photographs weddings as well! To get to know Rebecca and her style a little better we asked her a few questions recently. Read on to see what she had to say and to enjoy some of her gorgeous photos!

i love you too weddingsi love you too weddings

How did you get into photography?

I first fell in love with photography while studying painting in Italy.  The light in Tuscany is so spectacular, I quickly found myself spending more time photographing on the streets of Florence than painting in the studio.  My love affair with the darkroom followed and photography became a mode of story telling that has since opened doors to experiences I only dreamt of as a young artist.

i love you too weddingsi love you too weddingsi love you too weddings

What do you love most about photography?

I love that photography connects people on such an intimate level.  My Clients put a great deal of faith and trust in me to capture a moment in their life, a historical record if you will.  I feel a great sense of pride in contributing to someone's personal history and love that the photos we make together live on in their families.  I like to think that my Clients grandchildren will frame these photos in their home someday.

i love you too weddingsi love you too weddingsi love you too weddings

What would you say is your photography style?

A perfect balance of journalism and editorial portraiture.

i love you too weddingsi love you too weddingsi love you too weddings

Do you shoot digital or film?

I shoot both film and digital.  I really see them as two different mediums and each offer different aesthetics.  I often compare it to a painter deciding whether to use watercolors or oils.  Both are beautiful, just depends what you want your picture to look like in the end.

i love you too weddings

i love you too weddings

What is the most important thing you want brides to know about I Love You Too Weddings?

Great wedding photography comes from having a great relationship with your wedding photographer.  Of course, you need to enjoy their style and portfolio initially, but your photographer is literally your shadow on your wedding day.  You need to trust their technical and artistic abilities but also trust that they are going to take care of you and be a friend.  I always encourage my brides to talk with me a lot before their wedding day so I can really be there for them and so they can truly relax and trust me while I have my lens pointed at them on the big day.  I Love You Too is built on the idea that great photography is a given, and superior customer service is a priority.

i love you too weddings

Some personal questions:

Mac or PC? Major Mac fanatic!

Tea or Coffee? Coffee, with a dash of almond milk.

Favorite movie? So so many favorites, but when I'm looking for inspiration, Girl on the Bridge is my go to.  I also love a good romantic comedy.  :)

Favorite social media outlet for pictures? I really love the community around Style Me Pretty for showing weddings.  My favorite thing is to see brides posting their favorite wedding photos on their own personal Facebook pages or blogs and seeing their friends and family member ooh and aah.

Thanks so much Rebecca!! Hope to work with you again very soon! XOXO