Vendor Spotlight - Lilac Farms at Arrington

With the warmer weather, comes the season for beautiful outdoor weddings and here in lovely Middle Tennessee we are lucky to have several remarkable venues for outdoor events. Among these is Lilac Farms, a charming venue 10 minutes outside of Franklin, that is an extension of Nashville's favorite area winery, Arrington Vineyards. Lilac Farms offers gorgeous views of the surrounding vineyards and boasts several locations for your ceremony or reception among the dreamy red barn and 2 recently remodeled homes on the property. If you're looking for a rustic-elegant location for your event, you must check out Lilac Farms! We asked Emily Cavezza, the general manager, a few questions to learn more. Here's what she had to say:

What makes Lilac Farms unique for weddings?

Lilac Farms is unique because it is positioned to offer the charm (and wine!) of the vineyard setting while maintaining privacy for your special day. We have multiple locations on property suitable for both the ceremony and reception making no two events exactly the same allowing couples to truly create a one of a kind experience. Although our venue provides a rustic feel, we have modern conveniences to make your day easy and smooth.

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What are some of your options for weddings and receptions?

Brides have a lot of options at Lilac Farms! They can create anything from a rustic, casual wedding by the barn to upscale, elegant atmosphere by the vines. We have several large trees that provide a great backdrop for a wedding ceremony, reception sites in front of the barn or next to the vines, great porches for cocktail hours and property the lends itself to creativity.

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What type of bride would your venue be perfect for? 

Our venue is perfect for a creative bride that wants options (on setup and vendors!) and wants to put her special touch on the day.  If you are  looking for a beautiful backdrop to your day where you can plan the details, Lilac Farms is your place be! 


Does your venue require the use of certain vendors or are brides free to bring in their own? 

Brides have the option to choose the vendors of their choice. We can certainly give guidance but you aren't required to use a specific vendor. However, you are required to use Arrington Vineyards wine.


What event has most creatively taken advantage of your space and what made that event a success? 

I think the events that have taken advantage of the space and created an experience for their guests have been really successful. With their ceremony under the tree, cocktail hour on the front porch of the Stone House and reception in front of the barn guests were able to see the whole property, move around to the different setups and experience the beauty of Lilac Farms while enjoy the wedding celebration.


What is the most important thing you want brides to know about Lilac Farms? 

I think it is important to know that although we are primarily an outdoor venue with a barn on property you certainly don't have to be wanting a rustic barn wedding to use Lilac Farms. We have 20 acres for brides to be creative and create the atmosphere and vision they are dreaming of.


A few personal questions:

Mac or PC? Mac

Tea or coffee? I try to make myself drink tea but I always find my way back to coffee.

Favorite movie? I am terrible with movies! I will watch one and the next day not be able to tell you what it's about so my favorites are always current ones. The last one I saw that I really liked was Lone Survivor.

Favorite Nashville restaurant? One of my favorite things to do in Nashville is try new restaurants - my go-to is always PM and my favorite that I have tried recently is Silo.


Thanks so much Emily. We can't wait to see how Nashville brides take advantage of this beautiful space! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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