Vendor Spotlight- Julia from Scratch

Hey there wedding lovers!! Shelby the blogsmaid here with another tasty  treat for you! It's Julia with her custom cake baking at Julia From Scratch! (I know cute business name right?) We here at the planners group asked Julia a few questions about her business and she was so kind to give us an insight into her world! How did you get into custom cake designing?

My education at The French Pastry School opened my eyes & creativity to the world of pastry ART. I had no idea how much fun it was to use a cake as a blank canvas & create/design something unique, eye appealing & delicious! Chefs Sebastian, Jacquey & John emphasized learning the basics of baking that the French perfected years ago so I can use that foundation to focus on becoming an artist. There is so much joy in creating & customizing something special for someone special!

What are some different options for catering that you offer brides?

My pastry repertoire goes well beyond cakes & cupcakes. I love the new dessert & candy bar trend! It's a fun way to provide a variety of sweet tooth quenching pastries for your guests & there are so many fun pastries to choose from: cookies, cream puffs, truffles, tartlets, cake pops, French macaroons, etc. The possibilities are endless! Give me a theme & I'll create something special!

What are some new things you are working on for 2012?

I have been working on my website & it is finally up & running!! You will find under my "Flavorites" tab a long list of fun flavors (i.e. Almond Love with You, Arnie Palmer, Whiskey Me Away, etc). I think I have just as much fun naming them as I do creating them! I plan to continue adding more pallet & fantasy pleasing flavors. I also plan to blog about my business & the fun world of cakes. You can find my blog on my website under the tab "I Heart Cake".

What cake trends do you wish would die?

Cupcakes (for weddings) have run their course.... Especially BIG ones with super sweet icing!! (unless you find mini cupcakes on a dessert bar); don't misinterpret me, I love a cupcake as much as the next person, but there is a time & a place for them (like a 4th of July picnic or your baby's first birthday). Which I enthusiastically take orders for both!!

Tell me why brides should choose Julia From Scratch.

I have some fabulous colleagues here in Nashville that really create some awesome cakes, but we all have different styles. You need to find the style that works best for you & your event. This is not just a job & business for me. I like to focus on getting to know my clients in order to design a cake uniquely for them. One of my favorite things in this world is a snowflake. Each snowflake that falls from the sky is intricately & delicately unique (& so is each person I work with). Your cake should be the same way! You will find that each cake in my gallery of pictures is different & each is personalized to the individual it was made for. I look forward to creating something just for you!

We asked Julia a couple personal questions:

Mac or PC?

I had a PC until December 2011. I cannot find the appropriate words to explain my love for my Mac!

Tea or Coffee?

I'm a tea girl in the mornings. However, after a nice dinner out all I want is a really good cup 'o joe.

iPhone or Blackberry?

iPhone (I don't know if my obsession is unhealthy yet... It's gotten to the point that it quite possibly trumps my sweet tooth!)

Favorite Song Right Now.

This is like asking me to pick my favorite ice cream flavor!!

Well... these are the songs that I find myself repeating on my iPod lately:

1. Hide & Seek by Imogen Heap

2. Dig by Incubus

3. Ice Cream Man by Van Halen

4. Chocolate Milk by The Two Man Gentlemen Band

For those of you looking for a special cake for your special day I would give Julia a look see! Julia From Scratch will definitely put her bride first and you will not be disappointed!