Vendor Spotlight- Nashville Event Lighting

This week's Vendor Spotlight highlights Nashville Event Lighting! This company focuses on taking any event space to the next level all through lighting design! Blake Chaffin is the owner and is based in Nashville. He has worked in a variety of venues and has the ability  to transform every event into something beautiful. Check out his gallery here to view the variety of ways he has used lighting to make each event unique! Nashville Event Lighting has so much to bring to the table for your wedding and make the experience unforgettable.

NEL_3 (1)

What made you go into the business of event lighting?

I’ve loved lighting since HighSchool, really. Maybe since junior high when I got a black light and a Jimi Hendrix poster that would glow, and a lava lamp. I don’t know where it started, I guess…. I’ve had NEL for 7 years now and I just saw a huge need that wasn’t being met.

What are all the different ways brides can use your products?

I think of us as a service…. We’re selling an experience. We transform spaces. We use tools (aka Lights) to do the job, and there’s nothing we can’t do. The best thing to do is to see our website and pictures at


What options do you offer?

Up-Lighting, Pin-Spots, Chandeliers, Moving Lights, Lekos, Gobos, …a Lot. This question is somewhat venue specific, too. I encourage anyone to come sit down with us, and we’ll educate them on their options for any particular space.


Some personal questions about Blake:

Mac or PC?

Mac, but I think Bill Gates is an amazing guy with his philanthropic work.

Tea or Coffee?

Coffee, Black, all day long, even when it’s 100 Degrees.

Favorite Things To Do in Nashville?

I love songwriting and hearing good music, of course. I love the Bluebird Cafe and all that…

I like sitting outside, I like my friends, I like eating at Woodland’s every chance I get!

Favorite Song Right Now?

Jack White - Lazaretto, I am wearing that song out.