Vendor Spotlight- Paint Your Event

If you're a bride looking for something different for your wedding, then Heidi of Paint Your Event is definitely someone you should look into. Instead of just having photographs of your wedding; she paints a beautiful picture during your wedding! We asked Heidi a couple questions about her business and here is what she told us: What made you go into the business of painting events?

I completely fell into live painting. I’m a singer/songwriter and I made a record where every song had a painting that incorporated the lyrics (kind of like a word picture). I contacted the entertainment manager at Gaylord Opryland hotel about doing some singing gigs. He checked out my website to hear my music and saw my paintings and asked if I could paint a dinner. It built from there on…

What are all the different ways brides can use your products?

The painting is a keepsake for brides to have forever. But I can also have prints made for the bridal party and guests to have as well.

Explain your services and the process.

I paint live at weddings & special events. Basically I paint an abstract scene of the wedding during the reception. It takes me about 2 to 3 hours. And I start and finish the painting right there on the spot.

Check out this video of Heidi at a reception:

Definitely somebody to get in touch with if you're a bride looking for a little something special to add to your already special day!


Some personal questions from Heidi:

Mac or PC Mac! Hands Down!!!!!!

Tea or Coffee Both baby.

iPhone or Blackberry  iPhone … gotta keep it in the family.

Favorite Song Right Now I’ve been loving this song called “Flux & Flow” by a Canadian artist called “Lights”