Vendor Spotlight- Reaux Photo

Reaux Photo is this week's Vendor Spotlight! This husband and wife duo capture the most beautiful moments of any event! Their love for one another, as well as their five children, is evident and they would make a great addition to any wedding! Their passion for photography shows in their images by their ability to capture moments that a bride and groom will never want to forget. Check out their website to see all of their work and how genuine and breathtaking the moments they capture from any event are. Nashville is lucky to have such a wonderful couple in photography and make sure to go to their website to see their lovely photos! Keep reading to learn more about Jeromy and Laura Reaux of Reaux Photo!

logo2How did you get into photography?

L: I started a personal blog 9 years ago and taking photos for it built my passion for photography. I dove in and learned from workshops, books and other photographers.

J: I was fortunate to have Laura's contagious passion around me, and she taught me everything she knows. ;)


What do you love about photography?

L: I love how an event can be unfolding before me and hundreds of other people, and I can share the very unique way that I'm seeing it with others. Not one other person has my view, my vision, and that is a beautiful thing. Our clients get that x 2.

J: I love being able to catch a moment of emotion and it lasting forever through photos... especially tangible printed photos.


What would you say is your photography style?

L: Our style is vibrant, in-the-moment, and often dripping with emotion. We love creating portraits with movement and telling a visual story of this sweet, monumental day for the amazing clients who grant us the incredible honor of being their photographers.

J: We have a documentary style. We pay close attention and get caught up in the moments with our clients. That allows me to be able to capture that intimate exchange between the people in front of me.


Do you shoot digital or film?

L & J: We have such a sweet spot for both. We have been solely film and solely digital at different times over the last 7 years in business, and we've now come to the place where we choose which is best for our vision in that moment.


Tell us why brides should choose you to capture their wedding day.

L & J: If our style is the perfect fit for a couple and they mesh well with our playful personalities, they would have fun with us on the wedding day and receive amazing photos from this beautiful time in their life.


Some personal questions:

Mac or PC?

L & J: Mac daddy!


 Tea or Coffee?

L: Lots of coffee & occasionally a sweet, flavored tea.

J: Coffee: black as night.


Favorite Social Media Outlet for Sharing Pictures?

L: Favorite? Hmm... I really love social media. Instagram & Facebook are our most used for Reaux Photo.

J: Instagram!


Favorite Movie Right Now?

L: I LOVE movies! A few of my all-time favorites are The Holiday, Sweet November and You've Got Mail.

J: This is probably the toughest question. I love watching chick flicks with Laura (just don't let the guys read this). I'll throw in Bad Boys for good measure.