Vendor Spotlight- The Corwin Trio

This week's Vendor Spotlight highlights the music of the Corwin Trio! These three women are a string ensemble based out of Nashville, Tennessee. Veronica Joines, Melissa Edgington, and Syneva Colle are the musical ladies who make up this group. Having these three women as a part of your event can add the elegant touch you might be looking for! The Corwin Trio has played at some of the best venues around Nashville such as the Belle Meade Plantation, the Schermerhorn Symphony Center and the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. Their ability to transform an event with their music is something you do not want to pass up! Below are some questions to learn more about their music and a few personal questions, too!

CORWIN 2014_194

Explain your music style at weddings. 

It’s fun getting to know each bride as we plan the music for her wedding. Some brides feel overwhelmed by the endless possibilities, so it can be helpful to peruse our detailed list of music suggestions. Our repertoire spans from traditional classical pieces to Celtic music, sacred selections, and pop tunes. Last month we really enjoyed playing an all-Beatles wedding!

How do you handle  music selections at weddings? 

Some brides already have a detailed plan for the their wedding music when they come to us, and our job is simply to bring it to life. If there are any favorite songs that are meaningful to the couple, we can create custom string arrangements to work these songs into the wedding. One bride wanted to surprise her fiancé with the theme from their favorite movie. He had no idea it would be part of the ceremony. It was great seeing him grin when we started to play the theme from the Boondock Saints before the doors opened and she came down the aisle.

How many musicians will be in the band? 

The Corwin Trio is composed of two violinists and a cellist. A string trio provides a rich harmonic sound while being more economical to hire than a string quartet. However, we always keep a viola player on call so that we can play as a quartet where preferred. We can also trim down the ensemble to a duo or a solo performer depending on the needs of the bride.

Explain your process while working with a bride. 

“Corwin” is an Old English name meaning “friend of my heart.” We chose the name because music is more than a profession to us—it is a way to connect with other people. Our ensemble has been together for six years and we love spending time together, whether we’re rehearsing in Melissa’s living room or dressed in black playing Bach at a wedding reception. It is a treat to meet so many people through our music as we play for weddings and other events.


Some personal questions: 

Mac or PC?

Veronica and Syneva use PCs but Melissa is progressive enough to have a Mac!

Tea or Coffee?

Ideally a glass of wine along with chocolate during our rehearsals.

Favorite Things to Do in Nashville?

McNamara’s Pub on Old Lebanon Road is an incredible place to eat a meal or have a beer while listening to world-class Irish music.

Favorite Song Right Now?

We’re musicians! What an unfair question! Some favorite songs we have played at weddings would be “Dreams” by the Cranberries, “Entrance of the Queen of Sheba” by G.F. Handel, and “La Vie En Rose” by Edith Piaf.